Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tell me how VELIGORE got started?

-Actually many years ago - as a desire. I was trying to bring this creature to life, but i did not have enough materials, it was just a pure idea. I was working on it for about 10 years. It was alchemic process which needed time. I was just waiting for the right time. Then in December 2012 I finally made this creature - the Veligore band. That's why first album was made in just three months, but it really took many years of thought.

How would you describe your sound? Who are your main influences?
In my opinion - music is a ritualistic language. Contemporary people forgot about it. They use music for dancing in the bar or something like that. This is good, but this is not all. Every note has a special meaning, it can destroy or make something. In our music we try to go back into a magic mentality. That's is a reason why we have such a sound, such lyrics and riffs. Our sound is heavy gained B-scale roar, like a sound of earthquake or moving glacier. 

Of course, number one influences for us is Black Sabbath and Venom. Black Sabbath gave us heavy distortion sound and riffs, and Venom - dark energy and drive.

What  inspires your lyrics?
Nature. Dark and unknown things. Another side of reality. Edgar Allan Poe, Lotreamon,  Kalevala, Edda - these are the true lyrics. I think you can write lyrics for your songs when you can see some processes like a life or death manifestation. Then you will compose a poetic form for it. This is like speaking in another language, I think this is a part of old magic.

What kind of  difficulties did you  faced being underground band?
At first - nobody knows that you exist! "Not bad bro, but you need to work like Metallica! Can I give you good tip about your sound?" - people say things like that. We can do what we like to do! And what we want to do! This is the reason for me to be in underground band. We have no bosses. In one hand there can be lots of problem, but on another hand - there is freedom. This is what I really like about underground: you are your own master and censor.

Did you use drum programming in your first self titled album? Are you planning to record real drums for new upcoming Albums?

-Of course we must use drum machine for first album. Sometimes I think about metal drummers like I think about about whores: no money = no sex (or drumming). We have no budget, that's why we use program drums, but we plan to use a real drummer on second album. And, of course,  we want to meet OUR drummer for Veligore band.

“GLOOMY  WINTER”  is an badass  song.Who wrote it?

-Myself and our bassplayer, Glor. It was completed in just twenty minutes: main riffs and lyrics. It was really cold day, snow was everywhere. We reminisced about our journey to the woods and we made this song.

What has been your favorite release you’ve done at this point?

-Currently we've got just one album - "Veligore", and one internet single - "Angels". They are different, but we like both. "Veligore" like a big building with dark secrets and mysteries, and "Angels" - like a lone voice from nowhere. These two are the snapshots of the moments.

What  do you believe in DIY records ?

-DIY was here before major labels, and will be after their death. People every day make some DIY: cookies, sandwiches, tattoos. And music, of course. It was before these guys, who said:"All music is mine!" and have stolen everything from musicians and artists blocking information streams. DIY and social nets is the perfect choice for real musicians. But as mean guys trying to shut off the information flow we need to fight. This is like guerilla actions. DIY was, is, and will be.

Shortly, explain about your band jam?

-Any time when we can do it. Sometimes at night, sometimes early at the morning. We like it, to play music together. This is our Ritual.

Where can people check out your tunes?

-Full album here: http://veligore.com/music

Finally we’re end of the show any last shoutouts?

-Hails to everybody who play, listen and love Black Metal! It was Veligore band!

Thanks for your time bro,cheers

-No brother, thank YOU!




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